Timi Blaze

So i got on stage today at a hood show at one of Lagos hoods at Iba housing estate , Iba Lagos and immediately i got on stage , i first praised theorganizer of the show who is actually a friend of mine .

I said ‘ Yall gat to give it up for Joker ( The Event Organizer ) , this guy is putting this hood on the map , cos this hood isnt on the map yet ‘.

Thats wen the whole crowd got wild lol , but they let me perform in peace , loving my track. After performing i explained what exactly i meant and i got something close to a standing ovation .

Big ups to my guy Joker for a fantastic show and encouraging young talents in his hood and putting his hood on the world map via entertainment (This is what i should have said , lolĀ  ) .

Anyways , i had a wonderful show today , how’re you guys drop a comment

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