Timi Blaze
Yeah !! I Told yall , i was coming back for yall , yeah ! Let Go !!!!


HOOK : Same Swag  , Same Swag , Diffrent Cities But im with the Same Swag
Same Swag  , Same Swag , Diffrent Cities But im with the Same Swag
Same Swag  , Same Swag , Diffrent Cities But im with the Same Swag
Same Swag  , Same Swag , Diffrent Cities But im with the Same Swag
She tell me watsapp for my whatsapp /
R u dat Timi blaze dat is always spittin bad raps ? .
My name na aisha  n u dey try sha , saw u on my tv /
Yh u looking kinda fly shaaaaaaaaaa.
I’m d boss of ur boss , but I no be bus ( Boss ) driver .
I screw ur babe in my car like the screw driver .
Yes I’m Black , All my girls are fair /
All the girls like me I’m like a girls affair /
D boy is fly , d boy is frosh ,/
If ur guy is a player , Nna d boy is d coach .
I’m Heading For a Grammy Ejanla With No Scales /
Smooth Criminal See mi now Im leaving no trails
Before she hear my song , she been use me shako dere , but no she no knows that ima star i rap pass Sarkordie
My rap no fit expire dere’s no best before /
I’m still best right now I was before .



Verse 2

I’m Revelevation , dis is my genesis /
I Give ur crews an exodus wen I step up in the Premesis .
Now Hold On !!!!! I’m a bomba clatt lyricist / Giving u flows dat I know that u can’t resist .
Emi jack bauer , emi actor . Step in d building ur homies running through d back door .
I can never die that’s a factor joor . Super man 4 dere eye ‘ always in front lyk d clark joor ( Super man Kent Clarke )
This semester , I must see esther / Even if she no gree , I must to test her
Gbagbe no b today , I’m not fresher, But I am fresheeeeerrrrrrrrr/
She say her uncle is coming he will chop me like cheese /
As I see d uncle muscle , e be like make I piss .


But I was no meen I can’t miss out on this ! Not After I don baff up , wit all my wit all my school fees /
I was like Uncle , Uncle , excuse me please , You can kiss my ass , but I will still kiss ur niece ( Kiss Ur knees )
Dey call me timi blaze but I can still freeze d breeze / Come take a pic wif a star boy cheese 4 wiz ( Wizkid Owns Starboy Record Label )


 Oya be rubbing my chest , while I’m playing my chess /
Is dis d only tin u want cos I can buy u d rest ?


Oh Lord ,Oh Lord , father Lord help me / Anti sikira no tun ya Selfie


All this haters , Dey can never End us /
very soon we go blow we go dem go endorse .

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