Timi Blaze

[ Verse 1 ]

7 days a week im tired of this rappers and them week ( weak ) flowz /
Dey just sound a lil better than vic o /
I for tell you truth say u dey flow like he goat
But every time I speak the truth them go say i na ego

Ur rhyme schemes gat me bored , I can’t applaud Nigga
Get off the mike Ross , U re a fraud Nigga
No need for hype cos ama God Nigga ..
Wen im back out u back out, yea thats wot i tot nigga

Keep my name out ya mouth , pls don’t discuss me
De way yall rappers dey bust yall disgust me /
Dey tell me list ur favorite rappers im like just me /
Dey tell me list ur favorite rappers im like just me

Be like say olisa write the one cos this the truth
Im general in this , u just clueless recruits
Can even shoot without ur books men u need some tutz
Meen i don hang this rappers , give dem time make dem dey reboot

[ Verse 2 ]

Yall rappers fucking dry yall need to jump in a lake
Dey say my ojuelegba verse sound better drake
But Wait, wasup nowadays with all dis gays nowadays
If u bend u no straight no come near timi blaze abeg !

Omo Timi don dey kill us ( Quilox ) Peller
Timi gat to teach us cos he know he better
Dis other rapper sounding like dey Emmanuella
Dey’re flow no fit sweet Dem be like Aloevera

Is not My fault that im hot by default
And u wan connect ur wifi but im hot in this spot
U tot i could not but im hurting ur gutz
I ma school u boy wen i talk u should jot

My flow stay thick like the artery flow
The way these rappers sound its like they ba3 low
Can’t even battle me no , can’t even startle no
Dis Lasgidi bro / too hot handle leave oh

[ Verse 3 ]

Nowadays all dis rappers wanna do is dab /
But there’s a problem if u dabbing better than u rap /
There’s a problem if u Swagging bragging
But u food still no come sweet even after u don pack all this maggi

Wen i come thru u don’t wanna anger me /
Cos mo le gba e e like am banger lee /
Ladies show me love , wen i step in town, dey pamper me/
D way my fan base dey increase meen i swear i can’t believe !!/

Please ! Please approach me with caution /
Y’all rappers can’t deliver around me ill trigger ur abortion make u malfunction at the function , dissect u like a surgeon but neva rejoin your Vital regions

I’ve got bros in Egbeda /
Carnivores wey dey para/
Carnivores wey dey scatter /
I’m the boss getting cheddah /
Panda !!


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