Timi Blaze


Timi Blaze :
I feel like there’s  nothing that i cant do *2
Show me the impossible
Impossible !!!


Verse 1
I used to be that cool kool  with no money for school fees/
Used To have my mama coming to begging for d school pls /
Just let him stay for today i pay up wen i think about that shit i gat to ditch sleep n stay up !
Dey told me that i shouldn’t cos i couldn’t tot i wouldn’t but i did
proved em wrong yea i shook dem wen i took dem unawares
In the name of the father and d son and the holy ghost /Me i dey walk d walk dis niggas only boast /
To make it to the top that’s my Only goal
N i aint gonna stop, no till my story’s told
I Never plan on quitting so am blocking all d exits / i ima keep it wining till im sleeping in a casket .
I wasn’t with a silver spoon in mouth but i’ma die with two .
I wasn’t with a silver spoon in mouth but i’ma die with two .


Verse 2
If i could make it here ,  i could make it weatherr /
Don’t give a damn if e dey rain ,  me no dey fear weather /
The way i dey connect u fit go mistake me for welder /
Confidence of a super hero but u neva see me wear that / Rega
Lia /
Dey  no fit to drown me i be eja nla
And Anytime i enter race , i dey pack medal ,
Anytime me enter race , i dey pack medal ,
No more room for excuses i’ma use this Talent of mine
Never let anyone tell that me that im useless
Dey used called me a loser but i refused it /
N that little Ginger of mine i had to boost it !
I know i’ma live my dream / i know
ima lead my team / slay golaith with that sling / ima be that king
Crown on ma head before they cry in the town that im dead /
Abeg !!!

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