Timi Blaze

In this song Timi Blaze addresses his haters , using both English and Nigerian Pidgin English on a beat brass sample from ‘Water no get enemy done by ‘Africa’s greatest music legend so far ’ fela ‘ .The Beat Was made by vigho and performed plus mixed and mastered by TimiBlaze.



Intro ****

Hello haters ?

*Children respond* Hello Uncle
Im back *3

Its your boy TimiBlaze
International  , vigho on the beat!

Yall never tot that i could do this right ???


They Call me The Beat Genius ‘Lyrical Einstien’
About to make this beat shine with some Fly rhymes //

I Dey Shine , like the stars in the night time
Even on TV ima ReaL STAR ( Star times ) //

Before U mess with me u best get some iodine
, cos u go wound bros , n u gonna endup crying //

My blood dey boil hot , u fit to end up frying
I ain’t go no mercy , i no be Argentine ///

U dey claim boss , which kind ?
I beta pass u and ur whole crew combined //
Any line wey i spit , thats a sure line
U can’t beat my flow , u beta stop trying

Some *dey* pray make i fall make , them *march* my spine
But *i go still blow anyway cos i be landmine //
Im bitter to this haters , so they call me alkaline
I’m the topic of discussion yall gat to underline ///


Yall never tot that i could do this right ???

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